Dev. & Data

Continuously learning new technologies, languages and frameworks

Languages & Roles


ES5/ES6, Vue.js, usefully in FE Dev.

Groovy / Grails

Rapid prototyping inside the JVM.

Python & R

From Data analysis to QA automation.

QA Automation

Writing code to test code.

Tools Dev

Building software for internal teams.

Data Analytics

Ingesting, analyzing and reporting data.

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Code coverage

Building strong tests, run in parallel that capture all existing and current features, gets us closer to 100% coverage.

Brian Warner

Tools Dev. / Sr. QA

Development focused testing – creating back end api’s that support front end UX/UI’s – I’m always eager to learn new things, from dev languages/frameworks, data analysis, UI and more…

Learn by doing

I have enjoyed picking up new challenges that drove my growth. From automating phone quality tests to parsing tomcat logs, visually displaying error deltas by release.

About me

My over all philosophy

I’m a constant learner.  I love art, philosophy, meditation, mysticism and of course development.  Using my time wisely, I’ve learned new skills to improve code quality everywhere I’ve worked, but on a personal level, I’ve grown over the years as well.  I picked music orchestration – creating various classical albums.  I became a self-taught artist, creating art in various mediums (computer 2d/3d, wood burning, pen & ink and watercolor).  More than all of it, I believe in a continuous process of self improvement.  Studying the philosophical nature of meaning and concept of Self.  To me, the true Self is not a consumer of entertainment, but a producer, a creator.  It’s someone who gives back to others, and I strive to live by this motto every day.

Other blogs of mine cover my various interests, but here, I try and focus on development in languages and frameworks.


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